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Whales - Mrs Rogers

We would like to offer you and your child a warm welcome to Year 5. Our two Year 5 classes are Manatees class, which is taught by Mr Lewis, and Whales class, which is taught by Mrs Rogers.

This year will be an exciting year with some interesting topics for the children to learn about. Our first topic for the autumn term will be “The History of the Hill” with an additional English focus on the book Hugo Cabret.  We will be studying the history and technology of space exploration; researching about the International Space Station (ISS) as well as learning in science about the Earth, Sun, Moon and other planets.


At Hillside, we believe that reading is fundamental to all of our children’s learning. As always, it is expected that all children read at home as much as possible and record this in their reading diaries daily. These are to be handed in each morning so that staff in school are able to monitor how much children are reading outside of school. 


In English we will be reading Hugo Cabret and using it as a stimulus for writing descriptively.  Following that, we will be completing some non-fiction writing related to the ISS and our science work. In conjunction with these topics, we will be developing our reading comprehension skills as well as composing a range of texts including a diary recount and a non-chronological report.

Within this we will be focussing on key grammar and punctuation skills which must be accurately applied in all written work:

  • use capital letters and full stops, exclamation marks, question marks
  • use commas in lists
  • use inverted commas and other speech punctuation
  • use apostrophes for contractions, apostrophes for singular possession and for plural possession
  • use commas after fronted adverbials.


In maths, we also have a focus on key skills which rely on quick recall of basic mathematical facts. Although these are regularly practised in class, there is an expectation that pupils also rehearse the facts outside of school. Whilst some of these skills have already been introduced in previous years, it is important that they continue to be at the forefront of our children’s learning so that they are not forgotten. The key maths skills that we will be practising over the autumn term are as follows:

Count in multiples of 8 forwards and backwards

Count in 100s forwards and backwards

Recall bonds to 60 and to 100

Recall multiplication and division facts for 4 times table

Recall multiplication and division facts for 8 times table

Count in multiples of 6 forwards and backwards

Count in multiples of 50 forwards and backwards

Count in multiples of 0.5 forwards and backwards

Count in tenths (0.1 and 1/10) forwards and backwards

Recall multiplication and division facts for 6 times table


The aim is for all children to achieve fluency with these facts and be able to effortlessly call upon them when needed. Therefore, it is important that children continue to use and apply their knowledge even when they feel that they have achieved these targets.


Maths and English homework is given out on Fridays and should be completed and returned by the following Tuesday. In addition, on each Monday Year 5 are given a list of differentiated spellings to be learned before a test on the Friday. 

Swimming and PE

In Year 5, swimming is a compulsory part of the curriculum and offers children the chance to develop confidence in this important skill alongside their peers. However, the school swimming service has been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As soon as the service resumes will inform parents.

Whilst Covid-19 restrictions are in place, please come to school in your full PE kit on your PE days - do not wear school uniform.

If your child is asthmatic, please ensure that they have an inhaler in school ready to be used during any physical activity.


Mrs Rogers & Mr Lewis (Year 5 teachers)

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Headfield Road, Huddersfield, HD4 6LU

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