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Music, Art & DT

Music Overview

Our children take part in stand-alone music lessons, music making or singing sessions each week.  The children develop their knowledge and understanding of a range of musical genres and the inter-related dimensions of music as well as specific music terminology.  Through these sessions, the children are encouraged to develop a love of music, understand how to listen to music, develop their own compositions and evaluate their own work in order to enhance their performance.   

We have a stock of tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments as well as using computing software and apps to support the playing and composition of music. Singing and listening to music are also encouraged throughout the curriculum in all classes.

Year 3 and 4 pupils learn to play the ukulele each week as part of first access to music.

Children who wish to learn to play an instrument have the opportunity to be taught by Musica Kirklees, although there is a charge for this facility.

In addition to this, children are given the opportunity to perform in concerts within the local area and the wider community.

Art Overview

Our children are taught how to draw, paint and create 3D art works using a range of materials and techniques. Emphasis is placed upon experimentation and skills development, rather than the production of artwork to decorate another subject area.

Our whole school display policy ensures that children’s work is celebrated, providing a stimulating atmosphere around the school.

We have developed a resource bank of prints and other artefacts so that our children can analyse and evaluate the work of a variety of artists, sculptors, designers and craft makers. 

Design & Technology Overview

Our children are taught practical skills that enable them to make increasingly complex items. We have built up a range of readily available resources to help the children make choices about what they use.  Our children work both independently and co-operatively and are encouraged to listen to each other’s ideas.  They are taught safety procedures when using tools and are encouraged to plan and evaluate their work. 

Alongside the above, we use the TASC (Thinking Actively in a Social Context) wheel to encourage children's team-work, enquiry and communication skills. D&T projects are always Topic-driven and often contain links to History, Geography, Science, Art and Music. At Hillside, our D&T curriculum ensures that children to progressively and specifically build on their skills year on year, enabling children to achieve their full potential.


Headfield Road, Huddersfield, HD4 6LU

01484 226834