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Owlets Home Learning 

Week 12                            Week beginning 13th July  2020

Hello Owlets, we have finally reached our last week of home learning before the Summer holidays. You have all been working so hard at home and we are very proud of you! Please remember to keep sending Miss Black and I your lovely photos of your home learning. We love seeing what fantastic things you have been up to.

Have a brilliant week everyone and I want to wish all of you a very happy and safe Summer! 



This week our Maths focus is counting and matching numbers to quantities.    

Words to use with your children-count, number, amount, how many, 


Challenge 1- This week you will need some numbers/ number cards (1-10) and objects from around your house for example, lego people, buttons, grapes, cereal, stickers, cars, animals. 

Using the numbers and chosen objects, see if you can count out the correct amount of objects to match each number. Remember to count your objects slowly and touch each one as you say each number! 



Challenge 2- Click on the link below and have a go at counting the sea creatures and finding the matching number.



Let’s recap the sounds we have already learnt: s, a, t, p, i, n, m 


This week we are going to learn the sound ‘d’.

Now lets listen to the song for 'd'. Remember to do the action too- move your thumbs up and down, pretending to play a drum. 


Have a look at the picture below, can you see some objects that start with the 'd' sound. 


Now have a go at writing 'd'. Watch the video below to see how to write it correctly. 


Now watch the video below and have a go at putting some sounds together to make some words. All of the words will have the 'd' sound in them, can you spot it? (Grown-ups, there may be some sounds that appear that we haven't yet learnt) 


Sadly, this is our last week as Owlets. After the Summer holidays you will all have a new teacher and some of you will even be at a new school.

Have a go at making an 'All About Me' collage to give to your new teacher in September. This will help your new teacher to learn lots of important information about you. You could draw pictures, use photographs or cut and stick from magazines. Here are some ideas for, age, family, pets,  favourite colour, toy/ activity, food, TV show, story, animal etc... 


 Nursery Rhyme of the Week 

Throughout our time in Owlets, we have learnt lots of Nursery Rhymes. This week we have lots of Nursery Rhymes for you to join in with. Have a go at singing along and joining in with the signs.  


Dough Disco 

Dough Disco is something we do at school to help develop and strength our muscles in our fingers which will help us when we do our writing. All you will need is some playdough and the video below. If you don't have any playdough, don't worry it is really easy to make. Just have a look at the recipe below. 

Playdough Recipe 


2 cups plain flour

2 tablespoons vegetable oil (baby oil and coconut oil work too)

1/2 cup salt

2 tablespoons cream of tartar

1 to 1. cups boiling water (adding in increments until it feels just right) 

food colouring (optional)


  1. Mix the flour, salt, cream of tartar and oil in a large mixing bow

  2. Add food colouring TO the boiling water then into the dry ingredients

  3. Stir continuously until it becomes a sticky, combined dough

  4. Allow it to cool down then take it out of the bowl and knead it vigorously for a couple of minutes until all of the stickiness has gone. * This is the most important part of the process, so keep at it until it’s the perfect consistency!*

  5. If it remains a little sticky then add a touch more flour until just right

Physical Development

Have a go at joining in with Andy's Wild Workouts- The Beach. Watch the video and see if you can copy the actions.  


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