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   Reception Golden Tickets

10th July 2020


We have received some wonderful photos of Reception children completing home learning this week. Every Friday we will be awarding children from each class with Golden Tickets for super learning at home.


If you have completed some home learning that your really proud of, ask a grown up to send this to Miss Taylor at 

Miss Lamont at

 Barn Owls 





 Darren completed some beautiful writing, describing what he would pack in his suitcase for a holiday. Well done Darren, you have remembered your writing rules and your letter formation is excellent! We are very proud of you!


Snowy Owls 






Well done Amna, for always working exceptionally hard each week with your home learning. This week you have completed some brilliant maths work- practising halving. You have also written some fantastic sentences about your ice cream. You are a SUPERSTAR!  


Have a look at some more amazing work that the Snowy and Barn Owls have been doing. We are so proud of all of you!

Nina has been working very hard. She has been doing her phonics work and playing some of the phonics games on Active Learn. Nina has also made a beautiful nature picture, using lots of lovely flowers. 

 Brilliant work Nina! Keep it up!


 Jemimah has been super busy with  her family making a beautiful Spring display. She has also been busy practising forming her letters and numbers correctly. Well done Jemimah! Keep up the hard work. We are very proud of you! 

Lilly has been busy writing some CVC words. Look at how neat and small your letters are Lilly. Amazing work! Keep it up, we are all very proud of you!






Alex has been busy practising writing some words that have the 'oa' sound in them and also finding the longest items. Well done! We are all very proud of you, keep up the hard work! 

Jake has been completing lots of maths and writing activities. He identified different features of 2D shapes in maths, wrote down the alphabet and a super sentence. In this picture, Jake has written 'I love school.' Well done Jake, keep up the great work and we are all proud of you! 






















Busy painting, creating and practising your name. Well done, keep up the great work! All of the staff are very proud of you!

Learning different shapes and colours. You have been working through a booklet. Well done! Keep up the good work. All of the staff are very proud of you!















Skyla created a 'love heart' nature picture and wrote a sentence about this underneath. She used lots of natural objects, such as flowers and leaves.














Kiah has been working really hard at home learning. She has been completing reading, writing and maths activities. In these photos, she wrote a lovely sentence about Spring and has been practising addition activities too. 



Esme has been so busy making a beautiful nature picture of a Flower Princess! Look at her amazing dress! Wow Esme! 














Look at Amna's amazing writing about the Solar System and what she has been doing at home. Well Done Amna! 






Niamh has been busy practising lots of maths at home. She has been writing numbers, adding objects together to find an answer and talking about 2D shapes and their properties. Excellent effort Niamh!



Lucas has been making cress eggs and has drawn a fantastic mini-beast picture. Look at your beautiful writing Lucas, well done!




Busy writing numbers, counting and taking parts in lots of maths activities. Look at your beautiful numbers!








Lilly has been working hard to write her first and also her surname. Fantastic work Lilly! 


Carrying out our grown a rainbow experiment this week. Look at all those lovely colours.Well done! 


Amna has made a lovely shape picture of a castle and has written some super sentences this week. She has written 'I can jump. The frog went into the pond.' By listening very carefully to all of the sounds she can hear in the word. Well done Amna! 



 Fabulous rainbow picture! You have also been working hard to complete your phonics work! Well done! 




Look at this amazing rainbow that Alex has made using his Duplo! Fantastic work Alex! 














Busy reading one of your books this week called 'Leek Hotpot.' It is so lovely to see you reading at home! Keep up the hard work! 




















Made a beautiful rainbow from play food and cutlery. You also created a dice out of card, to use for maths games. Well done, we are so proud of you! Keep up the excellent effort at home!

Writing super sentences, exploring science experiments, building, creating fruit patterns and has made a beautiful rainbow picture. Well done, we are so proud of you! Keep up the great effort!






Writing some super sentences remembering your writing rules. Youu also made a fantastic rainbow picture. Well done! 










Enjoyed going on walks with your family. You did lots of walking, jumping and moving in different ways whilst in the woods. You love her favourite Paw Patrol character 'Chase' who also enjoyed time in the woods. 


Look at your beautiful writing!

Busy drawing some beautiful pictures and writing sentences with tricky words in. Keep up the amazing work, we are so proud of you!












Enjoyed taking in the subtraction Maths bus game. You have also created a beautiful rainbow, with some lovely instructions.

Well done, we are all very proud of you.



Carrying out our 'grow a rainbow' experiment and writing your own FANTASTIC instructions. You have also been busy practising some subtraction sums, playing the bus game. Well done! We are so proud of your hard work and efforts each week. 



Amna has been also been practising her subtraction skills, solving lots of problems. She has also written her own FANTASTIC instructions for our 'grow a rainbow' experiment. 

Well done! Keep up the hard work that you are doing each week. We are very proud of you! 

Going on a walk in the woods and went on a minibeast hunt, practising some of your writing and creating a small world scene for your Paw Patrol characters. Well done! We are all very proud of you! 

Skyla  has written some super sentences this week, making sure she listens carefully to all of the sounds in the words. She has also made a fabulous rainbow picture and carried out some science experiments. Well done Skyla! We are so proud of you!


You have been busy practising writing your full name name at home. You have written some beautiful CVC words and have written lots of numbers too. Well done, we are all very proud of you!










Look at this fantastic under the sea picture! We love it!  

Some more brilliant work from Amna this week. Look at her under the sea picture (I love your smiley jellyfish) and writing about what she could see inside her magic bucket. 

Nina has been working super hard at home! Look at her fantastic writing about what she could see inside her magic bucket. She has also created a lovely under the sea picture and been practising her handwriting. Well done! 

You have really enjoyed your home learning this week. You have worked hard on your maths activities; practising estimation and also made a wonderful under the sea scene. Well done! Fantastic effort, keep up the hard work! 














You have worked extremely hard this week to write some AMAZING sentences about what you could see in your magic bucket. You have also created a brilliant under the sea scene and have been practising estimating. Well done! Thank you for always working so hard at home! 



You have been working hard on your writing. You have been practising how to form letters and have written some super sentences. Well done, we are proud of you, keep up the hard work!




You have drawn your own subtraction bus and have been joining in with counting and actions on the school website. Well done for your super effort with home learning, we are very proud of you! 

















Jemimah has been very busy completing lots of Maths and Literacy activities. She has been practising writing numbers, addition, counting in 10s and practising writing tricky words. Well done Jemimah, keep up the hard work! We are very proud of you!







You have been working exceptionally hard at home this week and have completed all of the activities set. You have created a 'save our seas' poster, made a kite and have been busy measuring the length of objects around your house. Well done! We are so, so proud of you, keep up the hard work! 



You have completed some FANTASTIC work this week. I am so proud of you! You have doubled numbers from 1 up to 10, and have written all of the number sentences. 

You have also designed your own fish with eyes and a nose and written some sentences about it. I love it! You are a SUPERSTAR! 



Nina you have worked so hard this week to complete your Maths home learning, practising telling the o'clock and half past times. You have also been practising your tricky words and writing some fantastic sentences. You are a superstar! Keep it up!



 Well done Rhiannon. You have created a lovely picture of who is in your bubble at home. Look at your neat writing. We are very proud of you!


You have worked so hard on creating a beautiful clock. You always try your best with home learning and complete all of the tasks. Well done, we are very proud of you! 





















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