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Barn and Snowy Owls Home Learning 

Week 10: week beginning 29th June 2020 


If you are reading this on a phone or tablet, please turn it sideways so that you are able to see all of the text.

Hello Barn and Snowy Owls! I hope you had a lovely time in the sunshine last week. Our sunshine dances must have worked. We are into another week of learning from home and this week we are looking at ice cream!!

Grown-ups please keep sending us photos of your children's hard work at home We would love to see them! 

We will still be choosing two children from each class to receive a Golden Ticket on Friday, so make sure you have sent us photos of your work before Thursday! 


Have another week filled with fun and ice cream! 

Miss Lamont x


Miss Lamont

Miss Taylor




Our focus story for this weeks Literacy is 'Gorilla Loves Vanilla'. 

Watch the video below to listen to the story. 


Challenge- Think about if you could have any kind of ice cream in the whole wide world what would it be? Design your dream ice cream. What flavours would you have? What kind of toppings would you like on it? Sprinkles, chocolate chips, a flake, a wafer, fruit? Would you have any sauce? 


Draw a picture then write some sentences about what kind of ice cream you have designed. 



This week’s Maths focus is ‘Halving'. This means sharing/ splitting something into two equal parts (it has to be the same on both sides) 

 Key vocabulary to use with your child: halving, half, share, equal, same, two parts  

Challenge 1- Have a go at cutting some food in half. Remember when you cut something in half it needs to be into 2 parts and both parts need to be equal! Here is a link to an activity you could do if you have access to a printer.

If not you could draw some foods or shapes then have a go at cutting them in half using scissors. Or you could even, with the help of your grown-up cut some real food in half e.g. apple, pizza, sandwich, toast, cake, banana. 


Challenge 2- Now lets have a go at halving numbers. To do this you will need some small objects e.g. grapes, sweets, buttons, raisins, cereal, small toys and a halving mat. You could print this example, or draw your own.

Now choose a number between 1-10 and have a go at halving it.

For example 6- place 6 objects in the top box. Now have a go at halving them into the two bottom boxes. How many objects do you have in each box? Do you have 3? So half of 6 is 3. 


Then have a go at halving numbers up to 20. Remember that some numbers can't be halved as they can't be shared between two equally! 

Halving mat-

Challenge 3- Have a go at solving these halving challenges. 


This week we are moving onto writing zigzag letters. Watch the videos below to find out how to form them correctly. 


Tricky Words- Look at the tricky words below. Can you read them all? Now, grown ups say a tricky word to your child and see if they can write it down, spelling it correctly. 

I, go, no, to, the, into, he, she, we, me, be, was, my, you, they, her, all, are, so, said, have, like, were, little 

This weeks new tricky words:

one         there  

  Alphabet Song- Click on the video below to sing the alphabet song with the Makaton signs. You might be able to remember some of them from when we were at school. 

Super Speedy Sounds- Watch the video and join in with Miss Lamont. How fast can you say all of the sounds we have learnt? 

 Reading Words-   Have a go at reading the word cards below. Remember to look carefully for those digraphs! Press the sound buttons and say each sound then blend them together to read the word. 




Writing Words and Sentences - Now have a look at the pictures below. Can you write the word to match each picture. Then choose two pictures and write a sentence about them.  


Creative / Understanding of the World


Are you ready to make something super scrummy? This week we would like you to have a go at making your own ice cream! 


You will need: 

  • Fruit of your choice

  • 500g tub of greek yoghurt/ double cream

  • 200g light condensed milk 

  • Vanilla extract 



  1. Mix up your chosen fruit in a blender or chop finely. 

  2. Add the greek yoghurt/ double cream, condensed milk and vanilla extract and blend or mix again. 

  3. Pour the mixture into a container with a lid or cling film over the top.

  4.  Leave in the freezer until hard. 

  5. Top with your favourite toppings and enjoy! 



Makaton Signs of the Week 

This week's Makaton signs are all about breakfast, the most important meal of the day! What is your favourite food to eat for breakfast? Watch the video below and see if your favourite is there. In the morning, have a go at signing to your grown-ups what you would like for breakfast. 


Song of the Week 

Watch this Numberblocks song all about ice cream. How many scoops of ice cream would you like? 


Physical Development 

This week we have another video from Oti Mabuse, teaching you her dance about the sunshine! Click on the link below for the video.


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