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Barn and Snowy Owls Home Learning 

Week 11: week beginning 6th July 2020 


If you are reading this on a phone or tablet, please turn it sideways so that you are able to see all of the text.

Hello Barn and Snowy Owls! We only have two more weeks until the Summer holidays! So lets get ready to do some more brilliant work this week. This week, as many of you aren't in school we can't have our Sports Day. However Yorkshire Sport Foundation has arranged for a virtual Sports Day, happening on Tuesday 7th July. Scroll down to 'Physical Development' for more information.  

Grown-ups please keep sending us photos of your children's hard work at home We would love to see them! 

We will still be choosing two children from each class to receive a Golden Ticket on Friday, so make sure you have sent us photos of your work before Thursday! 

Last two weeks of term, we can do this! 

 Miss Lamont x


Miss Lamont

Miss Taylor




Our focus story for this weeks Literacy is 'Mummy's Suitcase'. 

Watch the video below to listen to the story. 


Challenge- Imagine that you are going away on a holiday and you need to pack a suitcase. Draw some pictures or cut and stick pictures into a suitcase template of all the things you would pack. Then write some sentences about what you have packed and why. For example, I need sun cream to protect my skin. 


This week’s Maths focus is ‘Capacity'.  

 Key vocabulary to use with your child: full, empty, half full, nearly full, nearly empty, capacity, container 

Challenge 1- Have a go at filling containers with water. You will need 3 containers e.g. cups, jugs, yoghurt pots. You could do this activity outside, in the bath or at the sink. Can you fill one container so it is full? Now make one half full. And lastly empty. 

Now have a go at placing your 3 containers in order from empty to full.  



 Challenge 2- Now you need 2 more containers. Use your water to make one nearly full and the other nearly empty. Now have a go at placing your 5 containers in order from empty to full. 


Challenge 3- Have a go at the capacity challenge below. 



This week we are moving onto forming numbers correctly. We are going to concentrate on numbers 0-5 only this week! We will save the others for next week. Watch the video below to find out how to form them correctly. 


Tricky Words- Look at the tricky words below. Can you read them all? Now, grown ups say a tricky word to your child and see if they can write it down, spelling it correctly. 

I, go, no, to, the, into, he, she, we, me, be, was, my, you, they, her, all, are, so, said, have, like, were, little, one, there

This weeks new tricky words:

do            when

  Alphabet Song- Click on the video below to sing the alphabet song with the Makaton signs. You might be able to remember some of them from when we were at school. 

Super Speedy Sounds- Watch the video and join in with Miss Lamont. How fast can you say all of the sounds we have learnt? 

 Reading Words-   Click on the links below to play some reading games. Remember to look carefully for those digraphs! Press the sound buttons and say each sound then blend them together to read the word. 



Word Pairs:

Picnic on Pluto:

Alien Escape:

Writing Words and Sentences - Now have a look at the pictures below. Can you write the word to match each picture. Then choose two pictures and write a sentence about them.  


Understanding of the World


Have a look at the map of the world, or you could use your own map if you have one at home, or in a book or on a computer/ tablet. With your grown-ups see if you can find England, that’s where we live. Now have a look for some other countries, ask your grown-ups to help you. If you have family that live in other counties, maybe you could try and find those.

If you could go to any of the countries in the world, where would you like to go? See if you can find it on the map? If you have access to books or the internet. See if you can find out some more information about your chosen country. Maybe you could have a go at making the flag for that country.



Makaton Signs of the Week 

This week's Makaton signs are all about transport. Can you name any types of transport? Watch the video below and see if any of them are there. 


Song of the Week 

Watch the video and learn the song 'Mr Golden Sun'. Maybe if you sing this song and do a dance the sunshine might come out! 


Physical Development 

This week on Tuesday 7th July Yorkshire Sport Foundation, are holding a virtual sports day. Click on the document below to find out more information.


Headfield Road, Huddersfield, HD4 6LU

01484 226834