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Year 3 Home Learning

Week 12: commencing 13th June 2020

Welcome to Week 12 of your home learning.


Welcome to the final week of our home learning journey this term.  

We have been very impressed with the work that has been sent in and really appreciate your efforts.

For this last week we would really like to to concentrate on basic skills, so that will be times tables for maths (every day. Practise, practise, practise) along with a reading activity and practising the year 3 and 4 word lists. Writing this week will be all about reflection (looking back) and looking forward towards next year. We can't wait to see what you have to say!


Email your pictures to Mrs Elnaggar or Mrs Forryan (through your School Jotter emails) or ask an adult to send it to us at or

(or you can even send us a message with it on Facebook or Twitter).

If you have any questions, please email us. We need your help - this is something that we have never done before so if you find any links that don't work or anything else that doesn't make sense, let us know.

This week is all about times tables. You will be practising  MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION  facts for the times tables 3,4,5,6 and 8 


Below are a selection of games you can use to help you practise your times tables. You should practise these DAILY. Ideally you will play a few different games THROUGHOUT THE DAY. this is something you should really try and continue with over the summer. REMEMBER - if you do not practise your times tables you WILL  forget them.


coconut multiples       

Hit the Button times tables                 

Connect 4 (this one is tricky)   

Funky Mummy   

Tommy's Trek (an arcade style game)

Here are a selection of Times table multiplication division sheets and their answer sheets.

You can choose when you do these, you may do one each day or may try and do a few each day. You can do the sheets over and over again to try and improve your scores,

Each time: Practise your times tables using the games

Test your knowledge using the sheets.

Good Luck. 

 1    Multiply by 3,4,5 mixed                                                                        1    Answers              

 2  Divide by 3,4,5 mixed                                                                              2    Answers

3     Multiply AND divide by 3,4,5 mixed                                                  3    Answers

4     Multiply by 6                                                                                            4    Answers

5     Divide  by 6                                                                                              5   Answers

6     Multiply and divide by 6 mixed                                                          6    Answers

7    Multiply by 8                                                                                              7   Answers

8    Divide by 8                                                                                                  8   Answers

9 Multiply and divide by 8 mixed                                                              9   Answers


Remember you can use these sheets over and over during the holidays. 


  • Other things you can do:

    • Working on Times Table Rockstars – you have an individual login to access this
    • Play on Hit the Button -  focus on number bonds, halves, doubles and times tables.
    • Practise telling the time. This could be done through this game (scroll down to access the game). Read to the quarter hour and the nearest 5 minutes.
    • Practise counting forwards and backwards from any given number in 3s, 4s,5s, 6s, 8s, 10s 

If you feel that you need help with anything, or have forgotten your login for TTRockstars or Mymaths, please send your teacher an email using your school jotter account or adults can email the teacher.




This week, we have chosen an exciting fiction book called 'Machines on the Move!' Make sure to pay attention to the basic punctuation when you are reading aloud e.g. stop when there is a full stop, pause when you see a comma and use the speech marks to help you know when to use a character's voice. Most of all, ENJOY! And as always, don't forget to click the bugs to answer the comprehension questions AFTER reading each page.

 Make sure you COMPLETE THE ACTIVITIES by clicking on the BUG  you will see on some pages.

Day 1: Read up to page 8

Day 2: Read pages 9-13

Day 3: Read pages 14-18

Day 4: Read pages 19 -25

Day 5: Read pages 26 - end 

                              School code is rxmd


- You could share the text or another book together where you read and discuss (either the whole book for short stories or a chapter a day for longer books).

- Listen to your child read and let them discuss what they have read. Encourage them to read with expression and intonation. 

A selection of free to read eBooks can be found on:  

  • EPIC      This is where you will need to go now for free ebooks

       type in school code hrn6143 

  • WORLDBOOKSONLINE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. They made it free when lock down started but now it has to be paid for.

- watch Newsround and discuss what is happening around the world.



Continue to practise the year 3 / 4 statutory words - 

You have now worked your way through all of the words on the statutory word list for year 3 and 4 meaning that  over the previous few weeks you should have practised spelling all of them. 

Use this statutory words list sheet to check which words you have made spelling mistakes with before and then practise them some more until you get them right.  

 Over the week complete all of the following:

  • Learn how to spell the focus words
  • Write a definition of each focus word (what it means)
  • Where it is possible, write synonyms for each focus word (words which mean the same) and antonyms  (words which mean the opposite)
  • Use each focus word in a sentence.
Try do a spelling test once a week on the focus words – it takes 10 minutes and keeps your kids on their toes.


As we have come to the end of the term, this week will all be about looking back over the past year and looking forwards to the following year.

We want you to think about what you have most enjoyed over the past year and during lock down and what your best memories are, what you will miss, what you think are your best achievements  etc.

We also want you to think about September. What are you most looking forward to when  you start your new class? What are your hopes and dreams for the following year? What would you like to achieve? 

Think about all you have learned about spelling, grammar and handwriting - make sure you use these skills in your writing. How are you going to set it out? Can you use bullet points or  subheadings etc? Will you include pictures? 


You have three activities to complete. It is up to you what you do on which day. You may decide to redraft your work or add pictures.


We look forward to reading all about you :-) 

Activity 1:  What I have enjoyed most during lock down? What will you miss? What are you proud of? 


Activity 2:  What I have enjoyed most about your time in Lemurs or Tigers? What will you miss? What are you proud of? 


Activity 3:  What are you looking forwards to when you start your new class? What are your hopes and dreams? What do you hope to achieve next year?



Create a mind map for each of the following and list everything you can remember about them.


The Mayans 

The Ancient Egyptians

Digestion (including teeth)





 If you have started it, continue with the sportingage PE challenge. If not, why not start now?

       This is a PE challenge that you can complete at home.  Follow the instructions  and input your                   scores for the first session.  Your will then receive a sporting age score.  Follow the practice                       activities on the website and find out if your scores improve in the next few weeks.  Good luck!

      sporting age challenge


This is things you have learnt before and should know. Choose some of the facts from below and test yourself on them. Or better still, get someone else to test you. 


  1. Name the four layers of a rainforest..                                                                                                              2.  Name the types of teeth in humans                                                                                                                3. Name the parts of the human digestive system. 

  4. Name the five oceans of the world.

  5. Name the seven continents of the world.

  6. Name the capital cities of all the countries in the UK.

  7. Name the five longest rivers in the world.

  8.Name four major rivers in the UK.                                                            



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