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Year 5 

From Monday 20th of April, there will be weekly home-learning tasks set by the class teachers. Please click the Home Learning tab again (top right) and go to the appropriate year-group for each weekly page.  Click here for Whales & Manatees Week 12

Click here for more educational links or here for family fun ideas.  If you have any questions or need any further help, please email the teachers, through the pupil's School Jotter emails (help), or to the school's help-desk at 

Or email the teachers directly at:

Please make sure you get plenty of exercise each day too.  Try some of these:

Learn a great new dance routine every morning with Strictly's Oti Mabuse (try the Spice Girls, Harry Potter or Moana ones):

Join in with Joe Wicks every morning or catch up when you have time:

Our favourite street dance teacher's website with online classes to join in with:

Boogie Beebies - dance with Justin and other Cbeebies characters:

Try an NHS Disney ten-minute workout:

Find more exercise links and ideas on our Family Fun page

A brief inspirational slideshow courtesy of a Miss Witham, thank you for sharing and caring Xx


Welcome to the new Year 5 home-working page.  Please logon to your email on the website homepage to see more resources in greater detail through your teachers' ePortfolio page.  If you have any problems logging on please have a look at the videos on Home Learning Help or contact us on:


Each day we hope you can complete some PE. (PE with Joe Wicks) maths and English tasks.  We will also give you some fun activities to complete when you can.  Look on the attached weekly pages and access your  ePortfolios for more detail and extra tasks.  I'll be adding some test resources on to Week 1, during the Easter holidays. If you get bored, please have a go at some of the activities and email any work you're particularly proud of back to me (as a photo or Word document as an attachment) through your School Jotter.


Have a good look at the fun activities you could get involved in on the Family Fun page and make sure you access all the resources we've already  for you on Active Learn, MyMaths and TTRockstars (in Educational Links)

Don't forget: Joe Wicks is doing live PE lessons every morning on YouTube - see the link below!  Please keep your body and mind working with plenty of reading and exercise.

Every morning at 9 am, get your mind and body going by enjoying Joe Wicks' great PE lesson live on YouTube:

If you want to learn and enjoy brilliant television, please watch David Attenborough's new series on the BBC iPlayer.  It;s great foe science, geography and we'll use it for some great writing over the coming weeks:


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