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Please note that this week's learning is a  topic about Mental Health.  This can be a very sensitive subject for many reasons but it is something we all have and we need to understand that it changes at different points in our life as we are faced with what life throws at us.  Whilst doing work on this, please be aware that adults or other family members in your home may sometimes struggle with their mental health.  Please be very polite and respectful during this learning.

Year 6 Week 10 (commencing Monday 29th of June)

Healthy Living : Maintaining good mental health during Lockdown

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Home Learning Week 10 – Year 6

Hello there Year 6.

I have had some trouble with getting access to the school website to update your maths this week, but here it is finally. Please remember to send through any examples of your work - a good page of neat working out is always fantastic to see!

Mr Nunns

Tuesday - Solve 2-step equations


Wednesday - Find pairs of values


Thursday - Convert metric measures


Friday - Miles and kilometres



Do ONE lesson per day

Then practise some of these key skills:

Please make sure you read every day.

Boy in the tower reading

  Day 1



Read chapter 1

Or listen,



In Chapter 1, Polly Ho-Yen holds back lots of

information from her reader. She leaves us with

lots of unanswered questions. In your table, record

quotes from the text which leave the reader

asking questions. Record what your questions are.

Quote and question table (link)

Day 2



Read chapter 2

Or listen ,

Retrieve and infer

In Chapter Two, we learnt quite a bit about the

narrator and his best friend, Gaia. Your task is to

create a mind map about Gaia and the narrator.

The mind map should contain facts that you’ve

retrieved from Chapter 2 for example ‘Gaia liked

the rain’.


You should also try and add information that you

have interpreted for example “Her face broke into

a smile first.” She’s good fun to be around. She likes

a joke with her friend. She isn’t moody. She isn’t

precious about her appearance.


Mindmap about narrator (link)

Day 3



Read chapter 3,4,5,6

Or listen,

Day 4



Read chapter 7

Or listen,


1)    Read the two articles on depression and

anxiety. Link to these.

2)  Explain what having depression means in

two sentences. Then write a hashtag to get

across what it is.

For example – for a cold:

I might hashtag #feelingsneezy

3)Explain what having anxiety is in two

sentences.  Then write a hashtag.


Can you come up with definitions for these







Day 5



1)    We have now read up to Chapter 7. What have

we learnt about Ade’s mum so far?

2)    What do you think is the matter with Ade’s mum? Why do you think this?

3)    Why do you think her condition started?


David Williams reading his popular books out every day at 11 am each week day.  You can listen to others anytime on his website:

Free children's audio books from Aubible

Enjoy some of the country's favourite poems being read aloud:

Get free downloadable classic Beanos!

Enjoy listening to Harry Potter being read by famous actors:


Practise through the week when you have time - 15 minutes  day.

Mental health wordsearch

If you need a dictionary or synonyms:

·      Find out what they mean

·      What type of words are they (noun, verb…)

·      What synonyms can you come up with?

·      Can you add a prefix or suffix?

·      Put them into a good sentence (show your skills!)

·      Can you use them in your writing task?



This week you need to read 'Under the lights' and answer the reading revision and grammar revision questions.

Under the lights reading 

Under the lights comprehension questions

Under the lights comprehension answers

Under the lights - sentence punctuation

Under the lights - sentence punctuation answers

Under the lights - subordinate clauses

Under the lights- subordinate clause answers



Finally, please keep testing yourselves on some of these key bits of 'sticky knowledge':Sticky knowledge 1 -what are the four main countries of the UK and what are their capitals?

Sticky knowledge 2 - name five counties in the north of England -

Sticky knowledge 3 - name the seven continents of the world -

Sticky knowledge 4: Can you name all of the five oceans of the world?

Sticky knowledge 5 - name the six main animal classes:


Headfield Road, Huddersfield, HD4 6LU

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