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Please note that this week's learning is the second session in the  topic about Mental Health.  This can be a very sensitive subject for many reasons but it is something we all have and we need to understand that it changes at different points in our life as we are faced with what life throws at us.  Whilst doing work on this, please be aware that adults or other family members in your home may sometimes struggle with their mental health.  Please be very polite and respectful during this learning.

Year 6 Week 11 (commencing Monday 6th of July)

Healthy Living : Maintaining good mental health during Lockdown session 2

If you are using a mobile device, you may benefit from turning your screen on to its side

Home Learning Week 11 – Year 6

Monday - Area and perimeter


Tuesday - Area of triangles


Wednesday - Area of parallelograms


Thursday - Volume of cuboids


Friday - Challenge (problem solving)



Do ONE lesson per day

Then practise some of these key skills:

Please make sure you read every day.

This week, our reading is looking at a song and a music artist. Lyricists write music to get across how they are feeling at a certain point in time. Sometimes we relate to certain songs because the story that is being told is relatable or makes us feel a certain way. 




Read the lyrics and listen to the song


Questions about the song:


1)What do you think this song is about? What message do you think it is trying to send?

2)a)Find as many examples of questions as you can in this song. b) What do the questions tell you about the person singing it?

3)‘I’ve learned to slam on the brakes, before I even turn the key’ What do you think this lyric means? Do you think it can be a good outlook to have?

4)‘Step out of the sun if you keep getting burned’. What does this lyric mean?

5)When you’re falling in a forest and there’s nobody around, do you ever really crash or even make a sound?’

What do you think this means? Do you think there’s a right answer to it?

6)How does this song make you feel?

7)Are there any songs that you can relate to at the moment? Explain this in your own words.


Check the meaning of the song and your answers


Read the Jay Z reading (link)


Questions about Jay Z (link)


Check answers to Jaz Z comprehension (link)





Week 11 - Mental Well-being  2
Learning Project - to be done throughout the week
The project's this week will help you develop skills and tactics to keep you happy when you're feeling down and grumpy

Sports Day

Sports Day

This Tuesday is the West Yorkshire Schools virtual sports day.

To take part, please read about the activities on this  document:

West Yorks Virtual School Games Info Doc

Try and join in as much as you can and follow the link below for a video on at 10 am on Tuesday 7th July

Get your family involved and you can even submit your scores on the link below:

There are five challenges to do at home throughout the day

(please watch the video above - see if you can spot Mrs Stacey and Mr Spencer's son!)

Bedtime Gratitude

Bedtime Gratitude

Building on last week's work on appreciating the good things in your life: each night, before you go to bed, write down three things that you have enjoyed and are grateful for.


Gratitude Recording Sheet (PDF)


P.S. A treasure for the first person to name the man in the photograph!

Calm Jar

Calm Jar

We all have different object we like to have to make us feel comfortable: favourite blankets, toys, teddy bears etc.

Why not make your own calm jar to enjoy when you're feeling anxious, sad, angry or stressed.  it;s something to enjoy to relax your mind and find calm.

You will need: an empty clean jar or bottle, glitter glue, glitter or glitter shapes, water and food colouring (optional)

Download the instructions here 




Millions of people use Yoga as a form of exercise as they believe it has  enormous benefit. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and importantly it helps understand how the mind and body can help each other work well together.


When you have 25 minutes, it comfortably on a carpet, watch this video, really focus on the breathing exercises and see how you feel.

Sticky knowledge 2 - name five counties in the north of England -, please keep testing yourselves on some of these key bits of 'sticky knowledge':Sticky knowledge 1 -what are the four main countries of the UK and what are their capitals?

Sticky knowledge 3 - name the seven continents of the world -

Sticky knowledge 4: Can you name all of the five oceans of the world?

Sticky knowledge 5 - name the six main animal classes:


Headfield Road, Huddersfield, HD4 6LU

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