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This week, we just want to say a huge well done for the dedication and hard work you have shown during this difficult time but also during your time at Hillside. We have absolutely loved seeing you grow, both academically and personally. Each and every one of you should be so proud of the people you have become. Fiercely resilient, polite and hard working, your year group will be missed greatly. Please finish this week with a little reflection about your time at primary school and how you are going to go on to greatness at your secondary school in September. 

Year 6 Week 12 (commencing Monday 13th of July)

Gentle reflection, happy memories and transition

This Week's downloadable resources:


First day of Secondary School reading and comprehension questions.

This is to help you with your own thoughts about transition. 



Review of year six

My hopes for Secondary School


Transition booklet - activities to help me to feel ready

If you’ve completed any tasks or have any questions, please email them to Mr Nunns and Mrs Taylor (through School Jotter) or ask an adult to email them to:

If you are using a mobile device, you may benefit from turning your screen on to its side

Home Learning Week 12 – Year 6

White Rose Maths Lessons

If you need to work on the PDFs without printing them out, please follow the instructions here

Please note this is consolidation of work done in the autumn term with Mrs Rogers. This is important revision to be ready for Year 6

Monday - Add Whole Numbers With More Than
Four Digits (column method)


Tuesday - Subtract Whole Numbers With More
Than Four Digits (column method)


Wednesday - Round to Estimate and Approximate


Thursday - Inverse Operations (addition and


Friday - Challenge (problem solving)



Do ONE lesson per day

Then practise some of these key skills:




Read the recount written by a student in a very similar position to you called David. Please answer the questions below about the story as it will help you to think about how you are feeling about your transition to high school.  


  1. What was the first indication that David had woken up earlier than usual?


  1. What emotions was David feeling as he awoke?


  1. What valuable lesson had David’s previous teacher taught him about dealing with nerves?


  1. Can you name three things David had to do before leaving the house?


  1. How do you know David had been anticipating this morning for some time?


  1. True or False - David spent a long time in the shower?


  1. True or False – David struggled to do up his tie knot?


  1. Why did David fib to his Mum and say he was feeling fine?


  1. Why did David feel mixed emotions about his new Kickers shoes?


  1. Why did David feel it was necessary to have branded shoes?


  1. Do you think David was right to make his mum spend money on expensive shoes?


  1. What were the final two things David did before leaving his house?


  1. How do you know David was pleased with his new bag?


  1. True or False – Kirsty’s mum greeted David with a kiss?


  1. How do you know Kirsty’s mum was proud of the children?

    16.  Why was David in awe of Kirsty?








Week 12 - Gentle reflection, happy memories and transiti
Learning Project - to be done throughout the week
The project's this week will help you to remember all the things you have achieved at primary school and how knowledgeable and resilient you have become!



 Moving to a new school is both exciting and nerve wracking. It has been a really strange time leading up to this change and therefore it's important to talk to your family and work through some of these activities. It’s a journey not just for you but for your family and it’ll mean changes for them too.

This pack has some fun activities to do with them before you start your new school – the “Getting Ready” pack. You’ll get some more activities once you start at school all about “Settling In”. Talk to your family about how you are feeling so that they know how they can support you. 

Activity booklet

What you feel in your heart

What you feel in your  heart

I want you to think really carefully about how you are feeling about everything this week as there has been so much going on. Lockdown, leaving Hillside, going to a new school... Once you have noted your feelings, draw them in a heart.

Happy me

Things that make me happy....

My favourite way to spend a rainy day is…
• My favourite piece of clothing is…
• 10 things that make me smile are….
• My favourite words are….
• If my body could talk, it would say…
• Using 10 words, describe yourself…




Millions of people use Yoga as a form of exercise as they believe it has  enormous benefit. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and importantly it helps understand how the mind and body can help each other work well together.


When you have 25 minutes, it comfortably on a carpet, watch this video, really focus on the breathing exercises and see how you feel.

Sticky knowledge 2 - name five counties in the north of England -, please keep testing yourselves on some of these key bits of 'sticky knowledge':Sticky knowledge 1 -what are the four main countries of the UK and what are their capitals?

Sticky knowledge 3 - name the seven continents of the world -

Sticky knowledge 4: Can you name all of the five oceans of the world?

Sticky knowledge 5 - name the six main animal classes:


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