Sports Premium


The sports premium is a government funded scheme, in which all Primary schools have been given funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport. This funding – provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – will be allocated to Primary schools. Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but will have the freedom to choose how they do this.

At Hillside Primary, we are committed to ensuring that all pupils receive at least two hours of high quality, well-planned PE per week, delivered by confident and well-trained teachers. Some of the money that has been received, has been spent on a new scheme of work, that will enhance the learning of the children. Money has also been spent on hiring a PE specialist to further enhance the expertise of our teachers. This additional training will continue throughout the school year.

At Hillside, we provide many after-school clubs, which enable children to further develop their skills in PE. They include dance, football, multiskills, zumba and street dance. We also work closely with our cluster schools, taking part in inter-school competitions; this provides the opportunity for our children to compete at a higher level and also meet different children.

All staff at Hillside Primary School believe that the children’s experiences, during their time here, are pivotal to their future perception of physical activity and our aim is that pupils leave the school equipped to enjoy sport for all its health and social benefits.


Action Plan, Spend and Impact Statement


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Sports Premium Use 2015-16

Sports Premium Use 2016-17

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