School Closure

In the event of an emergency, or very heavy snowfall, we may occasionally have to close the school if too many staff are unable to make it in safely, or their is a risk to pupil safety. If this happens, we will notify you by our texting service as soon as we have definite details. It will also appear on the 'rolling banner' at the top of the Home page on this website. Please do not ring school to check if we are open, as there may not be anyone available to take your call. Please ensure your child comes adequately dressed for bad weather in a warm coat and suitable footwear. If you are struggling to provide these, please speak to Mrs Mellor.

If school is to open late, or closes early, we will inform parents by text and in the case of closure, request that you come to collect your children as soon as possible.  School staff will remain with the children on site until all have been collected


Local radio stations will announce any school closures, or you can check the Kirklees website :