School Dinners

The cost of a school dinner is currently £2.40 a day. All full-time children up to the end of Year 2, are able to have a free school dinner as part of the government’s Universal Free School Meals scheme. This only entitles them to a school dinner. If you are receiving certain benefits, you may be entitled to benefit-related free school meals. This will also mean your child will receive free milk and extra money to support their learning. You will need to register each child individually. This has to be done online, via the Kirklees Council website. If you need support doing this, please contact Mrs Mellor, who can apply on your behalf.


We hold regular ‘themed’ lunches, such as Bonfire Night, Chinese New Year and Christmas. These are offered to children who normally have a packed lunch and prove very popular. We also offer a ‘Friday Feast’, where packed lunch children can have a school dinner once a week. Look out for texts and emails.

From September 2023 we have a new provider for our school meals. Please take a look at the exciting menu below. You will also find a letter from Caterlink the new company