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Family Fun

Don't forget to check out Mr White's singalong pages or Mr Spencer's Forest School page for other ideas - you can even get some current gardening tips from our very own expert Mr Bass! (Word document)

Science & Nature

Live tour of Chester Zoo via Facebook, every Friday:

Live Chester Zoo Tour

Watch David Attenborough's fantastic new latest series, showing amazing animals from all around the world (N.B. there are scenes of animals naturally hunting and killing each other - older children only):

Learn together outside with Learning Through Landscapes:

See what the animals have been up to at London Zoo:

Play games and learn all about space and being an astronaut at NASA:

Watch amazing creatures live all around the world:

Gardening ideas from Newsround:

Nature videos (linked on YouTube for free access) from Netflix award-winning series One Planet (parent discretion necessary).

There are other videos from Netflix with educational content here (some are for high school-aged children):

Have a zoo in your front room, through Google VR: 

  • Start with a standard Google search for your favourite animal on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Scroll down until you find a new white box that says “Meet a life-sized [animal] up close.” with an animation of said animal under the wikipedia info.
  • Click on the little “view in 3D” icon to the left of the animal within the box.
  • At this point your screen will change like a pop-out window.
  • You’ll need to wiggle your phone about a bit until the animal appears

What did the mighty Hubble space telescope see on your birthday?

Find out what satellites you can see at night from home:

Cooking & Creating Together

Many great recipes to make with children from BBC Good Food:

Advice on cooking with children from Cbeebies, with some I Can Cook video links at the bottom:

Advice and recipes for cooking together from Jamie Oliver:

Lots of recipes from Kidspot:

Some creative ideas from Save the Children:

Free Kindle download of five ingredient family cookbook:


Books, Magazines, Stories & Poetry

David Williams reading his popular books out every day at 11 am each week day.  You can listen to others anytime on his website:

Free children's audio books from Aubible

Enjoy some of the country's favourite poems being read aloud:

Get free downloadable classic Beanos!

Get free downloadable copies of this brilliant magazine - please note that you will only six weeks free and will need to cancel the subscription before being charged.

Enjoy the classic series of Beatrix Potter books online as a free Kindle download:

Enjoy classic animations to accompany books read aloud by some authors and celebrities at Jackonory Juniors:

CBeebies Bedtime Stories (it's not just Tom Hardy you know) on BBC iPlayer:


PE & Keeping Fit

Learn a great new dance routine every morning with Strictly's Oti Mabuse (try the Spiderman, Harry Potter or Moana ones):

Join in with Joe Wicks every morning or catch up when you have time:

Our favourite street dance teacher's website with online classes to join in with:

Boogie Beebies - dance with Justin and other Cbeebies characters:

Try an NHS Disney ten-minute workout:

Below are a series of links recommended to us by Linda Stacey, our SPIN Partnership manager:

The Youth Sport Trust is running daily challenges via their social media, so check out their Twitter and Facebook pages . They would  love to see pictures and videos of how people are staying active at home, and of those still being provided for in the school environment.


Museums & Tours

Have a look around the sites of London:

Have a virtual tour of the British Museum

Have a look at some world famous artwork at the National Gallery:

Walk around The Houses of Parliament:

Look around the wonders of The National Museum:

Look around the prime minister's house, 10 Downing Street:

Egyptian historical sights:

Enjoy a virtual tour of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart:

Art & Design

Create some amazing pictures using some of these ideas from the BBC website:

Create your own comic story books on Pixton EDU (free 30 day trail during CV-19)

Lots of paper aeroplane designs - which one will work the best?

Download and build a Nissan Nismo

Download and print out colouring-in images, some hard enough for adults


Coding (computer programming)

Learn the skills of the future though fun gaming lessons using Star Wars, Minecraft, Dance Party, Frozen and many more:

Learn through Minecraft:

Learn great coding skills in Scratch:



Sign up free for the next three months and learn a new language on Rosetta Stone:

Download a free beginners guide to Spanish on Kindle at Amazon:


Work together to produce some great tune with this studio quality production app which is currently free (Android only):

Create a musical masterpiece on the classic Apple music production tool GarageBand:

Play some great online games and learn aspects of music at PBS Kids

A free game for 4-6 year-olds which introduces them to classical music (should be on Google Play but seems to be temporarily lost?):

Loopimal is fun game, whilst learning beat, rhythm, melody, tempo (App download IOS and Android)

Learn about rhythm, the basics of piano playing and reading sheet music through this free app:

Sign & Sing

Sing along with Mr White (with the video below) and join in with the lyrics sheet (underneath).  He's going a song every day on his own page of our Home Learning section 'Mr White's Sing-a-long'


Headfield Road, Huddersfield, HD4 6LU

01484 226834