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The Mental Health and Wellbeing Team at Northorpe Hall are now offerring Zoom workshops for parents and children. If you are interested then please click on the link below:

Northorpe Hall Workshops

Home Learning & Well Being

Use the tips below to help you get through these trying times:

Home Learning & Well Being

We appreciate home-learning is not easy, particularly in these trying times, but try and use these simple tips to help you all:

1. Don't expect too much of yourselves or the children - you need to get along

2. Keep a good amount of structure to a school day: a PE session (with Joe Wicks?), some maths and some      English from their packs

3. Read (or even listen to books) every day and enjoy it - together if you can

4. Make other learning something you and they can enjoy - try and create things: art, cooking, building,            write stories,  puzzles, games, quizzes, baking, singing, dancing... (see our Family Fun page)

5. Get outside to learn - if of course you're lucky enough to have space away from others

6. Watch some great television with quality learning in - CbeebiesAttenborough's 7 WorldsCBBC (Horrbile      Histories, Art Ninja, Operation Ouch...)

7. Use all the free online resources that are coming out all the time - see some on the appropriate pages          in Home Learning

8. Give them a little time to practise important skills on our online learning sites each school day, such as          MyMaths, ActiveLearn, TTRockstars...

9. Set each other little challenges to improve: spelling, times-tables, capital cities, how many star jumps in        a minute...?

10. Ask for help if you need it - email your teachers through School Jotter (on the homepage login - click           here for help) or email the school directly through


Finally, if you do some work you're really proud of share it with us on (please let us know if we can put it on our website and show the world!)

There are some really good ideas in the link below - from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) - about home learning.  It gives particularly good ideas on how to keep a routine and how to enjoy good quality home-reading with children.  Please have a look:

EEF Home Learning Advice

Further advice about working with your children at home

And some good ideas from the ISSUU: Home learning Advice

On the Word document below there is some further advice from Britannica on home learning:


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