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PHSE Overview

PSHE is planned into each class timetable at least once a week as separate stand-alone lesson.  We use the PSHE Association schemes of work as a basis for planning which is tailored to meet the needs of each class/year group.  PHSE is also embedded throughout the whole curriculum and through Monday morning assembly and then further developed at assemblies throughout the week.  Follow up discussions in individual classes are then taught to enable children to reflect upon the theme at different levels of complexity relevant to their age and understanding.

Under the umbrella of PSHE, we also promote British Values, allowing the children to engage in learning about democracy, the rule of law, tolerance of others and individual liberty and mutual respect.

Activities from the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) scheme of work and the Teaching SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) with Confidence scheme are used to supplement the activities from the PSHE Association schemes of work to ensure variety and comprehensive coverage.

HRSE Overview

Given the broad backgrounds and multi-cultural nature of our school and the society for which we are preparing children, we feel it is important that our children are taught HRSE within a moral framework which prepares them both to understand and contribute to that society.  Our children are taught HRSE as part of wider topics from the National Curriculum, for example, in science, PE and PSHE lessons.  While building an age appropriate understanding of HRSE, pupils in Year 6 participate in the SPICED (drug awareness) programme, delivered by the teachers.  HRSE is taught using guidance advised by Kirklees LA and content from the Christopher Winters Project – Teaching SRE with confidence in Primary Schools. 

Our children may question beyond the areas of our programme and such enquiries will be dealt with at a level appropriate to their age and understanding.  Parents / carers have the right to withdraw their child from this aspect of the curriculum, but this should be discussed with the Headteacher first.

Long Term Plans

PHSE Long Term Plan


Headfield Road, Huddersfield, HD4 6LU

01484 226834